Item # Description Price Click Images for Larger Views
DLCL5 Green corduroy coat for dolly. Lined in silky like red material. Shoulder to shoulder measures 8 inches, length of coat is 13 inches. $10

Sweet red corduroy doll coat, unlined. Shoulder to shoulder measures 6 Ĺ inches.  Length is 10 inches.

DLCL7 Ecru colored crocheted outfit for dolly, combo top, pants and skirt.  Shoulder to shoulder measures 5 inches, entire length is 11 inches and the legs are 4 inches long. $8
DLCL8 Sweetest light brown corduroy doll coat with fur accents.  Shoulder to shoulder measures 9 inches and length measures 13 Ĺ inches. $15  

Gold and black outfit for a French fashion.  These items are antique so PLEASE donít expect them to be perfect.  Anywhere thereís silk, thereís melting. The jacket measures 4 Ĺ inches shoulder to shoulder and 4 inches shoulder to wrist. The front shoulder measures 6 Ĺ inches to the edge, back shoulder measures 7 inches to the edges of the little square pieces.  The black lace and (?) tulle trim is designed to come together to complete the design on the front of the skirt. The skirt waist measure 9 inches and measures 9 inches to the floor.  The skirt alternates tiny pleating with something else that I donít know the name of.  I know you French fashioners will know what it is.  You will need some basic sewing skills to get this item ready to wear.  Same goes for enlarging the picture, right click on picture, copy it, paste it into whatever your photo program is and make it bigger if you want to see more detail.