Size 13, 29 Inch French SFBJ
Item #312 - $1299

As far as French girls go, Grandma thought, the bigger, the better. This size 13 French girl is a huge 29 inches tall. With their big heavy bodies, they seem even larger. This girl has a perfect bisque head with only 2 very tiny wig pulls in the rear of her head. She wears a blonde wig, hardened cardboard pate and has cloth flower pieces in her ringlets. She has set blue blown glass eyes and an open mouth with teeth. She has pierced ears with tiny flakes at both earring holes. Her lovely French body has fairly serious flaking to the hands, but all her fingers are present. She wears a blue cotton dress with vintage trims and a handmade beaded collar. She wears a slip, cotton stockings and antique leather children's shoes. If you like big girls, you won't want to pass this one by.  She is pictured in two different wigs, you can have your pick.
Head marks: SFBJ, Paris, 13 (jumeau artist tick marks).

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