19 Inch French Beauty
Item #70 - $499

FRENCH beauty. From one of the lesser known French factories, we have Liane, made by Verlingue. She stands 19 inches tall and has a perfect bisque head. Her wig is dark brown and she has topaz brown paperweight eyes. The quality of the bisque is very good with deep modeling. She has multistroke brown eyebrows and pierced ears. She has an open mouth with 6 upper teeth. She is on her original jointed body. Her clothing is antique and perhaps original with heavily laced undies, full slip is hand embroidered at the neckline and arm holes, thigh high stockings and her lace dress is completely lined with pale pink silk. Her black antique shoes are very fragile.
Head marks: Petite Francaise, J Anchor(mark) J, France, 6/0, LIANE.

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