French Dolls

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70 FRENCH beauty. From one of the lesser known French factories, we have Liane, made by Verlingue. She stands 19 inches tall and has a perfect bisque head. Her wig is dark brown and she has topaz brown paperweight eyes. The quality of the bisque is very good with deep modeling. She has multistroke brown eyebrows and pierced ears. She has an open mouth with 6 upper teeth. She is on her original jointed body. Her clothing is antique and perhaps original with heavily laced undies, full slip is hand embroidered at the neckline and arm holes, thigh high stockings and her lace dress is completely lined with pale pink silk. Her black antique shoes are very fragile. Head marks: Petite Francaise, J Anchor(mark) J, France, 6/0, LIANE. $499

Wonderful open mouth DEP, made for the French market. This one is a fine example of that artistry. She stands 23 inches tall and is a size 10. Her bisque is beautiful, smoothly featured, with gorgeous deep blue paperweight eyes. Her nose is slim and straight. Her ears are pierced and her mouth is open with 6 teeth. She wears her original Jumeau amethyst earrings. Her French compo and wood body is in lovely condition. She wears antique undies and a silk and brocade French dress with matching hat. Her stockings are lace and she wears replaced burgundy shoes.  Head marks: DEP, 10

218 RARELY, rarely, do you find a doll in this condition. This petite one is a French DEP, open mouth, size 7, 17 inches tall. Her bisque head is perfect with deep blue eyes. She has her original hard pate, attached to a lovely full blonde mohair wig, also attached to the hat that matches her French outfit. She has pierced ears and an open mouth with teeth. She is on her original marked Bebe Jumeau body, in its original finish with a fair amount of peeling to both hands. She is dressed in her original Jumeau undies, a one piece garment and pleated half slip. Her short sleeved silk dress is melting, the navy velvet portion in good condition. Her jacket is trimmed with rickrack and fringe balls. Her matching French bonnet is magnificent. Somewhere she has lost one of her Jumeau knitted stockings. Her silk shoes are in great condition and have the Jumeau bee symbol on the soles.  Head marks: DEP, 7 $1799

As far as French girls go, Grandma thought, the bigger, the better. This size 13 French girl is a huge 29 inches tall. With their big heavy bodies, they seem even larger. This girl has a perfect bisque head with only 2 very tiny wig pulls in the rear of her head. She wears a blonde wig, hardened cardboard pate and has cloth flower pieces in her ringlets. She has set blue blown glass eyes and an open mouth with teeth. She has pierced ears with tiny flakes at both earring holes. Her lovely French body has fairly serious flaking to the hands, but all her fingers are present. She wears a blue cotton dress with vintage trims and a handmade beaded collar. She wears a slip, cotton stockings and antique leather children's shoes. If you like big girls, you won't want to pass this one by. Head marks: SFBJ, Paris, 13 (jumeau artist tick marks).

362 Here’s another great big French girl, red stamped Tete Jumeau. She is size 13, or 29 inches tall. Her bisque is perfect and facial painting smooth and lovely, with just tiny nicks around her earring holes. Her wig and pate are replaced with a good quality waist length dark brown wig. She has big brown sleep eyes, framed with painted and mohair lashes. She retains her original Jumeau red disc earrings. She has an open mouth with 6 teeth. Her big chunky Jumeau body has some old repaint. She is dressed in remade undergarments, a deep violet drop waist dress and matching bonnet, knee length stockings and vintage boots. Her head marks are DEPOSE, Tete Jumeau, SFBJ, PARIS and 13. $999