26 Inch Kestner 171

Item #197 - $599

This Kestner 171 is one of the most sought after Kestner antique doll molds today. This girl is a generous 26 inches tall. On the outside, she's a lady, on the inside, she's a vamp. Her bisque head is perfect and she wears her original cardboard pate and HH wig. She has big brown sleep eyes and an open mouth with perfect teeth. Her lovely Kestner body is stamped Germany on the right hip. Her style of dress reminds me of a schoolmarm. Her shirtwaist is generously decorated with eyelet lace and tangerine colored ribbon. Her floor length black sateen skirt is cleverly gathered for a bustle effect and has a big bow in the back. Her waist is defined with a velvet belt with antique rhinestone buckle. Underneath the schoolmarm's dress is a stiff black lace slip, sheer pantaloons and vampish black lace stockings held in place with red garters. She wears vintage red center snap shoes and on her head a big French style antique straw hat decorated with tangerine colored fabric flowers. She even has her timepiece pinned to her left bosom. There is no better example of this mold number! Head marks: K 1/2 made in Germany 14 1/2, 171.

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