24 Inch Tall German Beauty

Item #32 - $499

Now here’s a great big toddler for you.  Her name is Emma, because it says so, right on her name bracelet. Emma is super duper, extra special.  I’ve had this sweet one for more than 30 years.  Times are tight.  German toddler on a 5 piece toddler body in sturdy condition and original finish.  Emma’s voice box still works!  Tilt her forward and she says Mama! Her bisque head is perfect, with big blue glass eyes and open mouth with teeth and molded tongue.  She has an old pate and a nice, full replacement wig.  Emma wears thigh high stockings, old leather shoes, nice old slip and a red dress that actually fits her.   Of course she comes with her name bracelet.  If you think this toddler is ready to give up her blanket, you’re crazy.  She will bring her vintage baby quilt with her.

Her head is marked ‘P M, 914, GERMANY’.

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