13 Inch Petite Kestner Shoulderhead

Item #371 - $349


Petite lovely antique Kestner shoulderhead, clearly made before 1900. She stands 13 inches tall. Bisque shoulderhead is perfect with replaced pate and antique mohair wig caught up on the sides and extending to her waist in the back. Her facial painting is lovely, smooth and dainty. Big blue spiral threaded eyes. Open/closed mouth with no actual opening, molded square teeth. She is on a (?) hardened canvas type body with no leaks. Her body is not leather or kidolene. She has a couple of well done knee patches. She wears antique undies and an antique red and black checked dress that fits her well. She has a factory flaw to her right bisque hand look likes an extra dollop of bisque on the back of her hands. She wears cotton stockings and leather shoes. Head marks: incised 2 at the upper rear crown.

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