24 Inch Tall German Beauty

Item #42 - $499

This German girl stands 24 inches tall. Her maker is unknown to me but can be found in Coleman's Encyclopedia under "unknown German manufacturers". She has lovely pale bisque, huge eye cuts with big chocolate brown eyes, an open mouth with teeth and no bisque defects except two tiny mold "dents" in her upper forehead. Her waist length spiral curled strawberry blonde wig was custom made for her. Her lovely German body is in its orig finish and unmarked, with a little repaint to the outside of the left leg and perhaps her feet. It's such a good match it's hard to tell. She is custom dressed in an eyelet and gold plaid dress, undies, ivory socks and ivory shoes. I tried to show her very visible, clear markings(to the naked eye) with my camera, but don't know how well you can see it. Her head markings are very stylized, "D(on top), A(underneath that) and 6(underneath A). I've only seen one other doll marked this way and mine is much prettier.

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