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18 What a lovely antique doll. She is 21 inches in length and is mold 150, by the firm of Revalo, a shoulderhead on a kid body. She has blue eyes, an open mouth with teeth and a brunette replaced wig. Bisque is wonderful, with good facial coloring and multistroke brows. She has a nice antique kid body with arms replaced. She wears a vintage red dress trimmed in antique laces. She has socks but has lost her shoes. She is marked on her shoulderplate with 150 inside a triangle. $299
32 Please inquire as to availability as a sale is pending on this item.

Now here’s a great big toddler for you.  Her name is Emma, because it says so, right on her name bracelet. Emma is super duper, extra special.  I’ve had this sweet one for more than 30 years.  Times are tight.  German toddler on a 5 piece toddler body in sturdy condition and original finish.  Emma’s voice box still works!  Tilt her forward and she says Mama! Her bisque head is perfect, with big blue glass eyes and open mouth with teeth and molded tongue.  She has an old pate and a nice, full replacement wig.  Emma wears thigh high stockings, old leather shoes, nice old slip and a red dress that actually fits her.  Her head is marked ‘P M, 914, GERMANY’.  Of course she comes with her name bracelet.  If you think this toddler is ready to give up her blanket, you’re crazy.  She will bring her vintage baby quilt with her.


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42 This German girl stands 24 inches tall. Her maker is unknown to me but can be found in Coleman's Encyclopedia under "unknown German manufacturers". She has lovely pale bisque, huge eye cuts with big chocolate brown eyes, an open mouth with teeth and no bisque defects except two tiny mold "dents" in her upper forehead. Her waist length spiral curled strawberry blonde wig was custom made for her. Her lovely German body is in its orig finish and unmarked, with a little repaint to the outside of the left leg and perhaps her feet. It's such a good match it's hard to tell. She is custom dressed in an eyelet and gold plaid dress, undies, ivory socks and ivory shoes. I tried to show her very visible, clear markings(to the naked eye) with my camera, but don't know how well you can see it. Her head markings are very stylized, "D(on top), A(underneath that) and 6(underneath A). I've only seen one other doll marked this way and mine is much prettier. $499
85 Now, really, who doesn't love a Floradora? This antique doll is 24 inches tall, and dressed to the nines. Her bisque shoulderhead is perfect, with big brown sleep eyes and an open mouth with teeth. Her wig is the color of old gold and matches her eyebrows exactly. Her leather body is in good condition with a few minor patches here and there. She is lavishly dressed by a California seamstress in matching pantalettes and slip, and a stunning lace dress with matching big brim bonnet. She wears brown stockings and white leatherette boots. Her head marks are: Floradora, A 5 M, Made in Germany. $329
165 This great cabinet sized girl is one of my favorite mold numbers, number 79. She stands 19 inches tall. Her brunette HH wig and pate are original. Her bisque is lovely and without flaw, with big blue sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth and pierced ears. She is on her original Handwerck marked body, in its original finish. She has all her fingers and toes and original red markings. She wears a dress of deep burgundy velvet, antique undies with a fabulous lace trimmed slip that peeks out from under them hem of her velvet dress. She wears cotton stockings and replacement black leather shoes. Her head marks are: 79, 10, Germany, Handwerck. $399
181 Antique character baby, 12 inches long, German made by the Armand Marseille company. This little character has a perfect bisque head, full auburn wig, brown sleep eyes and an open mouth with teeth and tongue. Her original baby body is in its original finish. She wears a cute print vintage baby dress and pink and white chenille baby booties.
Head: Armand Marseille, Germany, 990, A 2/0 M
197 This Kestner 171 is one of the most sought after Kestner antique doll molds today. This girl is a generous 26 inches tall. On the outside, she's a lady, on the inside, she's a vamp. Her bisque head is perfect and she wears her original cardboard pate and HH wig. She has big brown sleep eyes and an open mouth with perfect teeth. Her lovely Kestner body is stamped Germany on the right hip. Her style of dress reminds me of a schoolmarm. Her shirtwaist is generously decorated with eyelet lace and tangerine colored ribbon. Her floor length black sateen skirt is cleverly gathered for a bustle effect and has a big bow in the back. Her waist is defined with a velvet belt with antique rhinestone buckle. Underneath the schoolmarm's dress is a stiff black lace slip, sheer pantaloons and vampish black lace stockings held in place with red garters. She wears vintage red center snap shoes and on her head a big French style antique straw hat decorated with tangerine colored fabric flowers. She even has her timepiece pinned to her left bosom. There is no better example of this mold number! Head marks: K 1/2 made in Germany 14 1/2, 171. $599