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200 AM German character baby, 15 inches in length has a perfect bisque head. Baby wears a soft blonde mohair wig. This little one has blue sleep eyes and an open mouth with tongue and 2 upper teeth. Bisque is delicately colored and baby has deep dimples. Has a good quality original five piece baby body. Dressed in a sleeveless gown with antique trims and eyelet bonnet.  Head marks: Germany, 971, A 4 M $325
219 A wonderful German shoulderhead for your consideration. This little gem stands 23 inches tall. Her bisque shoulderhead is perfect and she has her orig HH wig. She has big brown eyes (can you tell they were Grandma’s favorite?), feathered brows and an open mouth with teeth. She has very faint cheek rubs from so much lovin’. Her kid body is in good condition, muslin legs, no leaks anywhere. She wears a lovely white frock, with an antique lace collar, accented by an antique button. She wears pantaloons, a half slip, black stockings and at the moment, no shoes. Head marks: (a big triangle) with a 3 inside it. $299
241 Adorable K*R 126 German character baby 14 inches tall, calls out to all who see her! The most beloved of the character babies, this little one is certainly no slouch. She wears her original pate and brown mohair baby wig. Her bisque head is perfect. She has dark brown sleep eyes and an open mouth with teeth and tongue. Her wonderful five piece K*R baby body is in its original finish. She is dressed in a slip and a white baby gown, pink flannel diaper and booties.  Head marks: K*R, Simon & Halbig, 126 $199
242 11 inch German character baby, by Kley & Hahn, adds a new dimension to your collection. As varied as the sunrises, these babies brighten your world. This little poppet has a perfect bisque head, original pate and wig and tiny flyaway brows. She has brown sleep eyes and an open/closed mouth with two molded upper teeth. Her five piece German baby body is in its original finish – somewhat worn with a few surface paint cracks to the right arm and left leg. She wears the sweetest pale pink dress with white collar and a pink diaper.  Head marks: KH(in a banner), Germany, 167-2/0 $199
244 Petite and precious 10 inch German AM 560a, absolutely one of my favorite mold numbers. What a sweet face! This little one has a perfect bisque head, original pate and soft brown baby wig. She has blue sleep eyes and an open mouth with 4 tiny teeth. Her five piece baby body is in its original finish. She is dressed in a cute salmon pink overalls and matching flowered top.  Head marks: Made in Germany, Armand Marseille, 560a, A 5/0 M, DRMR 232/T $179
257 Please inquire as to availability as a sale is pending on this item.

Here's a great little one for your cabinet collection! Standing just 14 inches tall, she's probably a closed mouth Gebruder Kuhnlenz. Her bisque shoulderhead is perfect, she has tiny brown paperweight eyes and her auburn wig is soft and full. Her face painting is exquisite. She is on her original muslin and leather body, with two knee patches, well done. Her bisque hands are perfect. She wears antique pantaloons, a half slip and an old brown calico(?) dress with eyelet bodice and ruffle trim. She wears black stockings and tiny black shoes. Head marks: 38-23.


A sale is pending on this item